An opportunity to explore your creativity

The male superb fairy wren. Photo by  Patrick_K59

The male superb fairy wren. Photo by Patrick_K59

Come with an open mind,  open heart and a willingness to explore how best to support you on  your journey. Build upon your capacity to be your best self.

This is an invitation for discovery and learning, acquiring skills and broadening understandings.

Exploring creativity can expand the possibilities, finding ways to make a mark with meaning.

All ages and abilities are welcome . . .

“Fairy Wren Farm" because this is the shape of the property

fairy wren farm is a place for creative expression with a practical application

I am lovingly grateful that my  parents offered me the security of  having independent title and owning this land.  The shape of the land came about with boundary adjustments with my siblings after the death of our father.                                                                                            

Imagine my surprise when the surveyor's map finally arrived in the mail . . . is that a fairy wren or what?

At FairyWrenFarm we are caretakers of this bird shaped piece of land at the headwaters of the mighty Clarence River on the Dorrigo Plateau.

Sustainable best practice is engaged to produce organic food, fibre, flower and forest with bio-dynamic principles and preparations applied. 

Features on the map align with activities on the land . . .  
at the heart of the bird is a massive red cedar, ancient remnant of the rainforest that once covered the whole plateau area.

The Rock Circle encapsulates the brain like a crown on the head of the bird. 

The position of the eye is where the spacious studio is situated. Outside the studio from the vantage point of the veranda, Fantasmagorica, the fantastic, magical  beast rocks on her flying spud bag waiting for the darkness for her night flights.

On the lawn is the Couch of 1000 hearts, waiting for you to sit, get comfortable and tell your story .

Food gardens,  chooks, turkeys and the goat's milking shed are positioned where the beak is and that is where the road comes in.  

At the throat level is a steel pyramid and a labyrinth, its paths defined by rocks found on the land. To complete the outside path, friends from many places brought,  laid a  rock and together  walked the pattern  for the first time on 12/1/2012.

As would be where a  bird's alimentary canal, the  gully springs become Little Falls Creek  flowing east with the dam an obvious stomach. The watercourse is fully fenced, excluding grazing animal's access to the creek and protecting our efforts to regenerate the forest with an abundance of diverse indigenous species abundant with berries and fruit for our native birds and wildlife.