Art therapy

Art therapy is not so much about understanding pictures as it is about the process of creating them.

Healing happens through the act of symbolic expression. When words are not possible for reason of emotional and even physical safety, the expressive arts can tell without talking and be an effective means of self-expression, even shifting perspectives towards healing.

All art making is in some way about transformation and renewal.

The creator can restore what has been lost and make changes to what already exists through symbol and metaphor.

Art therapy offers the participation of meaningful creative opportunity exploring strengths and possibilities towards greater healing, empowerment, creativity and love.

Crayons, paint, charcoal, pencils, collage, clay, plant and animal fibre as well as found and personal symbols and objects can be utilized on the journey of creation. 


The studio space at Fairy Wren Farm

The studio space at Fairy Wren Farm

Initiatic Art Therapy


The name ‘initiatic’ is derived from the term initiation, the awakening of inner perception.

It is the inner process that has the potential to unfold the mystical quest towards healing, meaning and love.

Initiatic Art Therapy refers to working with visual arts in a therapeutic way to initiate a process of self awareness and transformation . . . and in the process we arrive at ourselves anew in our possibilities.


  • $80 per session for 1  hous  ; $150 for 3 hours   Individual one-to-one
  • $30 in group session; $25 kids group session of up to 6 kids
  • Fair trade fee relief negotiable upon application
  • Willing workers welcome in exchange for skill acquisition and informative learning.
  • Deposit upon application, non-refundable for ‘no show’.